Enactus is an international non-profit organisation that brings together student, academic and business leaders who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need.

Enactus Oxford was founded in 2012 by two students who believed that students in Oxford have the ability and passion to address the many socio-economic challenges in the city. As a student-run social enterprise based at the University of Oxford, we believe in the power of commercial and social projects to transform the lives of people in need in our local and international communities.



OxyGen is a project run by Enactus with the aim of increasing the number of girls entering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects and to boost confidence in these areas traditionally dominated by males. With this aim in mind, we are running a 5 week course in local state secondary schools around Oxford teaching a basic introduction to coding to groups of Year 9 girls. This is aimed at increasing the number of girls who go on to pick related subjects at GCSE level and further.

If you would like to get involved in the project as a student teacher then please email the Project Leader, Magdalena Georgieva (enactusoxygen@gmail.com). It is low-key commitment, teaching between 1 and 2 lessons a term, very rewarding and a great way to get involved in a project which is removed from the Oxford bubble.

If you are a local secondary school who would like to be involved then please email the Project Leader, Magdalena Georgieva (enactusoxygen@gmail.com) about future collaboration, we are very keen for the project to reach as many people as possible!

Project Leader


Magdalena Georgieva



PSHE should be a crucial part of every student’s education, but many schools don’t have the time or resources to provide it properly. By holding discussion groups in schools around Oxford and providing suggestions and resources, we hope to enable more schools to improve their PSHE programme. We are also planning to organise a teacher training conference next Michaelmas to address tricky issues such as sex education.

If you are interested in joining the PSHE team, then please email the project leader Freddie Hinds (oxed.enactus@gmail.com). Although being a mentor can be quite challenging at times, the experience itself is very rewarding. And do not worry or let it put you off, if you have never been a mentor before. We will teach you the necessary skills during a workshop prior to the start of the mentoring scheme.

Project Leader


Freddie Hinds



Many supermarkets decide which fruit and vegetables they reject based on aesthetics. Along with other charities and organisations in Oxford, we want to intercept this “ugly” food and turn it into something beautiful. We want to sell soup, jam and other easily made products through a delivery system, taking inspiration from Graze and Deliveroo. If you are interested in joining our team, email Lennaert Woudt Ludvigsen (lennaert.woudt@bnc.ox.ac.uk)

Project Leader


Lennaert Woudt Ludvigsen


Enactus Oxford Consultancy

Enactus Oxford Consultancy is a new and exciting student-run project designed to bring together students from a variety of different backgrounds and courses, and to give them an opportunity to work in a team, solving real problems for clients, gaining valuable additional consultancy experience and commercial awareness in the process.

This project is primarily aimed at students who have completed the Student Consultancy programme offered by the Oxford Careers Service (other commercial experience is also highly beneficial). The project is a solid, valuable and useful progression step after completion of the TSC programme, and the Careers Service is committed to providing our team members with additional training and support as required, allowing students to gain additional valuable consulting skills and expand their existing knowledge.

We plan to expand our project to include more teams of student consultants (currently 10 students split into two teams), so please get in touch if you are interesting and would like to contribute (applying for positions in Michaelmas 2017 term). Please send any questions you may have to consultancy@enactus-oxford.org.uk.

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Enactus is a testing ground for your creativity where the sky is the limit. Work with other having the same aspirition and use your critical thinking skills and entrpreneurial spirit to make a real impact on the society.


Contribute to and lead projects of different natures and scale. Develop vital transferrable skills such as team communication, multitasking and project management.


With a wide spectrum of funding and sponsor companies, Enactus has numerous networking events where you can meet professionals from various industries. These are excellent opportunities for you to get first hand knowledge about working.

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